• Delia Laas

Getting your mind right

After I started making all these physical changes in my life, I realised there was still one thing that didn't reflect my new way of life, the way of life to creating a baby, and that was my mind and my way of thinking.

Anna chats about incorpotaring mind body practices into daily life and I honestly can't stress this point enough.

I think it's important to adopt your own practice, one that will resonate with you, whether it be prayer, meditation, positive affirmations, yoga or even all of these together! You need to do what works for you ❤

I have always loved using positive affirmations and I have been a huge fan of Louise Hay for most of my life. I started listening to her audio books and started using her positive affirmations on a daily basis. These are great for for any positive changes you want to make in your life. You can find Louise Hay videos and audio books on YouTube.

I also came across an amazing fertility life coach called "Spenser Brassard" and I listened to her podcasts religiously. While I was cooking, driving in the car, waiting at an appointment, literally whenever I had a free moment (I was a binge listener). Spenser's podcast helped me through some of my darkest days. When I felt like giving up, Spenser was there to cheer me on. She helped me change my mindset, taught me to be gentle with myself and made me realise that you don't have to be perfect all the time. I started at Episode 1, but that's just my personality type, you are welcome to listen how you choose 😝

I never met Spenser or spoke to her, but just listening to her podcasts made me feel like she was a close friend who understood what I was going through.

You can find Spenser at www.spenserbrassard.com

In my parting note, please remember to be kind to yourself and love yourself! You are special and you deserve all the happiness in the world ❤

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