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The daily grind

If you are like me, then you probably can't start your day without a cup of coffee. Having to give up coffee was probably the hardest part of the Fertility diet for me.

So is coffee really that bad for your fertility? The homeopath at my local health shop would always say to me "Do you want to drink coffee or do you want to get pregnant?" So in a short, yes, coffee is bad for your fertility! Caffeine decreases fertility in men and women and has been linked to miscarriage. So I definitely wasn't willing to take a gamble and possibly harm my already slim chances of falling pregnant.

I decided to hunt for a healthy cup of coffee. I firstly tried all those healthy coffee alternatives and I can safely say they are gross and in no way do they taste like coffee!!!

I decided to do some research and these are some of the things I learned.

Firstly, coffee and pesticides. Coffee is the number 1 pesticide sprayed crop in the world, yikes!

Secondly, many decaffeinated coffees have been treated with chemical solvents to extract the caffeine, double yikes!! But I discovered there are two safe methods for decaffeinating coffee, yay!

The swiss water process, in a nutshell, relies on caffeine solubility (dissolvability) and osmosis to remove caffeine from green coffee beans. Beans are soaked in hot water, so no chemicals used and environmentally friendly!

The CO2 method, green coffee beans are soaked in highly compressed CO2 (carbon dioxide) which extracts the caffeine. The caffeine is then removed from the CO2 using activated carbon filters, which are then reused to extract caffeine from the coffee again. No chemicals used and this method retains the flavour of the coffee beans.

I was ecstatic! So I needed to find organic coffee, that had been decaffeinated either via Swiss Water process or CO2 method.

I found just that at Woolworths SA, they have Organic ground coffee beans, decaffeinated with CO2. I also purchased a glass and bamboo French press, with no plastic parts, you need to stay away from anything plastic, especially where boiling water is involved, even the kettle you are boiling your water in, please stick to glass or stainless steel.

All was right in the world again! I was able to have my morning coffee! I would mix it with almond milk, this also took some getting used to after having dairy milk in my cuppa joe for so many years, but hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

The cherry on top for me was a few of my local coffee shops also served organic coffee, so I could enjoy my decaf cappuccino with almond milk guilt free!

Seriously, having this one small little pleasure, made the world of difference to me! When I had cravings for anything, I would spoil myself with a cappuccino. You learn to appreciate the small wins in life.

I hope this brings a little joy back into your life like it did mine! Happy brewing ❤

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