• Delia Laas

The two week wait.....

If you have struggled with fertility and have been trying to conceive I'm sure you are all to familiar with the dreaded two week wait!

The.......longest......worse........most stressful......craziest two weeks of your life!!!!!

For those not familiar with this term, the two week wait is the time period after ovulation, until you either start your next period or find out if you are pregnant.

I would love to tell you that I handled these two weeks well, but alas! This was always a time of severe anxiety, sadness and total craziness for me.

Deep diving the net for all types of early pregnancy symptons. Spending hours online researching how to tell if you could maybe be pregnant because you felt a small cramp or twinge. Reading blogs about women who still got their AF, even thought they were pregnant. Spending tons of money on pregnancy tests and constantly doing them, only to be completely shattered after every single negative result.

These are the hardest times to get through, when you want something so desperately and you hope and you pray and think maybe this month it will be my turn, only to be devastated once again.

I eventually had to make strict rules to help myself and keep my sanity during this time. NO pregnancy tests, until it's after the two weeks. NO googling pregnancy symptoms! Instead, I decided to occupy my mind with useful stuff, I did more mindfulness excercises, used positive affirmations and practiced alot of self love, it also really helps to get some kind of a hobby! Even if it is binge watching Bridgerton for the second time, do something that makes you happy, do something just for you! Be gentle with yourself and nourise your soul a little.

Please feel free to reach out anytime and please share some of your ideas for surviving the two week wait.

Sending you all so much love and light ❤️🌟

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