• Delia Laas

What happened next???

So after making all the diet changes, ditching the chemicals and starting all the supplements, here's what happened.

It took a while to transition into this new way of eating and remembering to take all the supplements at certain times and 30 minutes before meal on an empty stomach, etc etc etc. The handful of supplements was literally like a meal on it's own! On the plus side, I can now swallow a whole handful of them at once, no more...one, one (and six glasses of water later) for me thank you very much! The other thing I realised very quickly and very much to my dismay, was that so many beauty products are misleading, the bottle will say 100% natural, but when you actually read the ingredients list, you notice they have included fragrance (parfum) which is loaded with phthalates, yuck! Or sometimes a whole chemical cocktail, so make sure you read all product labels very carefully, to be sure you are getting what you pay for.

After about 2 weeks of all these changes, would you believe it, low and behold, my hot flushes were no more! It was the most amazing thing that had happened since the start of my journey (besides finding Anna's blog), I then knew I was on the right track and it inspired me to keep going!

6 weeks later......guess who arrived....my long lost Aunt Flo, this was honestly one of the best days for me. I had not had one period since coming off birth control and having her back felt fabulous. Many people think I am crazy about being so excited abouting getting my period, but to me it meant that there is hope to fall pregnant after all. I obviously immediately phoned my sister (aka The Family Doctor) to share my amazing news and she shared my excitement and maybe a touch of disbelief with me.

Now this confirmed to me that there has to be some truth in all this research I have been doing. So I kept going and actually went a little bit cray cray probably, as we all tend to do at times, no half measures here hunny! Everyone I knew asked me "How do you stay so committed to your diet?" Well, there were two reasons for me. One....how badly do you want a baby? Well, very badly so I am willing to try anything and two....control, my diet was literally the only thing I could control in this whole messed up situation and it gave me back some of my power. I know it may sound crazy to some, but it made perfect sense to me. Anna's words also constantly rang in my mind "it's not forever, you can do anything for 3 months".

Now I am by no means saying that I did the whole fertility diet perfectly, especially at the start, but I generally followed all the rules. I will give you the low down on some of my cheats soon 😜

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